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Allan Longprimer (Navy Blue)



The Allan Longprimer is Allan's signature Bible.  It is perhaps the best designed and manufactured Bible available.  It has continually received the best reviews of any Bible that we market.  There is a lot to say about the Longprimer, but in the interest of time and space we will provide its most valuable distinctives.

a.  Legibility:  The print is a bold 10 point which is set on the most opaque paper in the industry.  Score: A.

b.  Binding:  The Bibles pictured above are Natural Highland Goatskin-Smyth Sewn-with Overcasting.  Basically, this Bible is built to last a lifetime.... Notice the     full yapp cover which protects the Bible from every day use. Score: A.

The Longprimer has a host of other features that separate it from the pack, but Legibility and Binding are the 2 single most important features that contribute to Bible quality.  With hundreds of Bibles in our facility to choose from, the Highland Goatskin Longprimer stands in a league of its own.

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Mark Bertrand's Review of this Bible


Chart Comparing the 3 most important KJV Classic Reference Bibles

The Longprimer is not without competion.  There are 2 other Bibles in her class that are comparable.  The Schuyler Westminster and Cambridge Concord are also of the highest quality with slightly different features.  All 3 are highly legible, have excellent bindings, etc - the chart below gives the distinctions which may help you make an informed decision when choosing the Authorized Version - best suited for you.

Allan Longprimer

Schuyler Westminster

Cambridge Concord

Outside Dimensions




Inside  Dimensions


8.6x6x1.25 8.25x5.5x1.25


2lb 2oz

2lb 7oz 1lb 13oz

Font Size


9.6 8

Shell (Outer)Binding

Highland Goatskin

Cantara Goatskin Cantara Goatskin

Inside Binding

Leather Lined

Leather Lined Edge Lined



32mm 18mm


32 GSM

32 GSM 32 GSM



8pp 15pp



Yes Yes
Subject Index Yes No Yes
Index of Proper Names Yes Yes Yes
Dictionary No No Yes
Chapter Summaries No Yes No

Cross References


Yes Yes

Book Block

Jongbloed bv (Netherlands)

Jongbloed bv (Netherlands) Jongbloed bv (Netherlands)
Binding England Netherlands Netherlands
self pronouncing Yes No Yes
italics for inserted text No Yes Yes

Lined Paper in back

32 pages

No No

Text Color


Black Black


Red Under Gold

Red Under Gold Red Under Gold


Gilt Line

n/a n/a

Ribbon Markers


4 2


Almost full

No No

 “Holy Bible”

on Cover & Spine


Yes Yes

 Translators to the Reader




 The Epistle Dedicatory




Above: Black Longprimer above.  Notice the Art Gilt Edges, Gilt line, and 3 durable Dark Blue Ribbons.  The paper, which is the the most opaque available, helps contribute to the Longprimer's excellent legibility index.
Above: One of the Longprimer's most important features is its clear and bold typeface.  Set on opaque Bible paper, it is difficult to find a more legible Authorized Version Bible.
Above: The Longprimer Goatskin Binding takes the shape of its environment.  These photos were taken with Bibles that were opened 'right out of the box.'
Above: The Longprimer, once again, has a 'yapp' cover.  A yapp cover extends beyond the book block and thus covers the pages.  This is not simply for aesthetic purposes, it actually acts as a natural Bible cover.
Above: The 52i - Thumb Indexed Longprimer.
Above: Allan Craftsmanship extends to detail.  The gold shines so brightly because of old school techniques designed to sustain the lustre.  The gold on Allan Bibles is actually a gold foil melted onto the pages. The Allan Crimson Longprimer is the latest edition of this classic series.

Above: craftsmanship, attention to detail, buttery soft leather and durable binding have produced the Allan signature Bible, and perhaps the best Bible we have ever carried.

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